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Partnership in Mission

Diocese of Eldoret - Project update

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Partnership in Mission:
Diocese of Eldoret - Project update

How do you build a partnership with people from another nation on another continent with people most of us have never or will meet? You start slowly and with what we have in common. Foremost we are brothers and sister in Christ, we share the Indian Ocean and we start communications.

Over the last few years the relationship has deepened. The parish-to-parish links have given rise to some challenges and learnings. We have learnt the best way to communicate is with WhatsApp. We have learnt to be patient in our correspondence. We learnt that some links will work well and others won’t. Some links will help the partnership grow as we learn from each other.

The Partnership in Mission (PIM) team has been working on projects that were identified some time ago by both parties. The process of identifying suppliers and getting quotes has been very long. The projects include:

  • The diocesan buildings receiving an internet and voice network system.
  • The Community Based Rehabilitation Centre will receive solar panels.
  • A borehole and solar pump to be installed at Karbongo School.

This has been a very slow process and then just when the projects were about to begin the exchange rate and COVID-19 hit leaving the projects waiting. The PIM team is hoping within the next few months we can start on at least the clean water project.

In partnership with ABM both Dioceses have seen the completion of the third year of the Disability Inclusion project. The project has been very successful with some wonderful outcomes for individuals with a disability, their families, parishes and the wider community. However, for the project to continue to provide future opportunities, further financial support is required. ABM has been supporting the shortfall for the project from their reserves as the usual request through the AMB project booklet has not been very successful.

As of this financial year they can no longer do this. The budget has been around $20,000 per annum, but this year it will only be $10,000. PIM has committed $5,000 of this. There are some rollover funds from last year as well as a small amount from other parishes here in Western Australia and across Australia. This will cover the cost of the co-ordinator, some travel, monitoring and mentoring. It will not cover the cost of the inclusion training which has been very successful and integral to the project. The loans given to the participants have started to be paid back, however, there will be no new loans this year and any monies repaid will be quarantined until such times more funds become available through Perth or other sources. The hope is the repaid loans will become the core funding and the project can run on a minimum of input from Australia.

The inclusion element of the project has seen the realization of increasingly greater levels of disability inclusion in the Eldoret parishes and an increasing willingness of the Eldoret parishes to further the objectives of the project. It is hoped this disability inclusion project and training could serve as a model for other parishes beyond Eldoret including our own.

This project builds on the marvellous works of The Revd Evelyn Jerotich providing services to individuals living with a disability and their families. It is very hard work with many barriers including superstition and extreme ignorance of inclusive practice. There are still many barriers but the journey to becoming a more inclusive diocese has begun. The Diocese of Eldoret leads the way within the 37 Anglican dioceses in Kenya, individuals lives have changed, families are encouraged and communities are growing in understanding. All of this from eight people, being given a tiny loan of a few hundred dollars to start a business.

What can we learn from this here in our Diocese – it appears the student has become the teacher? We could take a lead from our brothers and sisters and set inclusivity targets and have regular training on inclusive practice. Could we become the Diocese that leads our nation on inclusive practice within our worshipping communities? In your giving, as individuals and parishes please consider this ABM project.

The PIM team here in Perth is currently looking at the idea of developing affiliations within and outside the church to develop and undertake inclusive practice training here in our Diocese. We are hoping this might present an opportunity to stimulate inclusive practice in both Dioceses, an opportunity to join together in the journey of inclusivity.

The most exciting part of this partnership is that we - all of us - are in this together. We are doing mission as a whole, we are all in a missional partnership that is beginning to bear fruit, a relationship with reciprocity, learning from and supporting each other.

Mission Values Litany

Holy God, we believe your love transforms.

Transform us and everyone with this love, blessing, healing, forgiving, inspiring.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Liberating God, we long to be known by our love.

Make our love stronger than our anxieties and doubts, for everyone to see.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Passionate God, we long to be a people of prayer. Inspire us to be creative
and confident in common prayer and personal devotion.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Faithful God, we long to be trustworthy.

Give us courage to be honest and strength to keep our promises.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Gentle God, we seek to be humble.

Teach us to trust that your power and wisdom, not ours, will be enough.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Compassionate God, we seek to listen.

Tune our ears to the sorrows, the joys and the hungers of our community.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Hospitable God, we long to be as inclusive as Jesus.
Delight us with grace to embrace difference and diversity of every kind.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

Generous God, we seek to serve.

Give us the people, ideas, skill and energy to make the world a better place.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

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