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Family Domestic Violence

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Over recent months our media and state government have reported on increasing incidents of family domestic violence, and gathered to collate ideas to help overcome the rise of this violence.

At last year’s Synod, The Revd Tracy Lauersen presented to us the revealing statistics that intimate partner violence (one of the forms of family domestic violence) occurs in Anglican households at similar or higher rates to the general community.

The Family Domestic Violence Working Group was formed as a response of what was heard by Synod and a motion passed asking for action in the Diocese of Perth. Action has already been underway in other Dioceses and the National Church has appointed The Reverend Tracy Lauersen as the National Program Manager for the Families and Culture Commission. The National Anglican Family Violence Research Report released in April 2021 uses the image of a lantern to bring light into the darkness – an image that the Working Group is also using.

The Working Group for the Diocese of Perth has been formed by members with diverse experience, including those with lived experience, work experience from relevant sectors, and those with awareness through ministry and/or supporting loved ones.

The Working Group is keenly developing resources and training for the Diocese, as well as prompting action that can be made by parishes, schools, and agencies. There will be packs of resources available for every parish and ministry role from our stall at Synod, as well as further resources as requested.

Family domestic violence does not discriminate and is present in all demographics of society. There will be no parish, school or agency in the Diocese that is untouched by family domestic violence, which may have victim survivors, observers, and/or perpetrators attending.

The Working Group is committed to shining light into the darkness, by helping all in the Diocese know, understand, and call out family domestic violence. (Family and Domestic Violence)

Saddening Statistics

  • In Western Australia, the frequency of those dying by the hands of a current or previous partner have increased.
  • More than half of the women who are seeking homelessness services in WA have experienced FDV, and WA has the highest rate nationally of women seeking these services with FDV experiences.
  • The period following a woman leaving a relationship, with or without children is the most dangerous time – with most murders happening in this period.
  • Over half of women and children who have died by suicide in Western Australia had made formal reports of Family Domestic Violence Incidents.
Statistics sourced from the Western Australian Department of Communities

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