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Giving the power
of hope and healing

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Giving the power of hope and healing

From Parkerville Children and Youth Care’s humble beginnings as a children’s home on an 18-acre block in the Perth Hills, we have evolved into a dynamic, professional organisation that is leading the way in innovative and responsive services for children and young people. Today, we are driving change through evidence-based therapies and expert knowledge.

At the heart of our purpose remains the safety and wellbeing of Western Australian children, young people and families and ensuring their voices are heard.

There are few challenges as powerful as the trauma of child abuse and few challenges more complex than the road to healing and recovery, and for the families at Parkerville Children and Youth Care, we are a place of hope.

It’s our job to help them along that road and provide whatever it takes for them to be able to thrive. We can’t do that without engaging with children and young people and seeing just how amazing, creative, smart and resilient they are. Every day we see these incredible super kids work hard to address their abuse and life circumstances and continuously find the courage to keep trying to trust, and the strength to grow, engage, learn and laugh – and be the best they can despite their adverse experiences.

Billie’s* experience with our Reconnect service is just one of the thousands of children, young people and families we have helped on their journey of healing and recovery.

Reconnect is a free service that helps prevent young people, aged 12 to 18 years from becoming homeless, by providing support and encouraging them to stay connected with family and their community.

Following an experience of abuse, an increase in skipping school and engaging in drugs and alcohol, Billie and her father were referred to our Reconnect service. They connected with a Case Manager who listened to their needs and responded accordingly to rebuild her connection with her father, engagement with school and reduce the risk of homelessness.

Billie’s Reconnect Case Manager created a safety plan with Billie and her father and worked closely with Student Services to address issues at school. Due to Billie’s sensory disorder, she was moved into alternate education to ensure the learning environment met her needs, so Billie had a real chance to succeed and thrive.

Upon closure of Billie’s case, her father shared with us that he had noticed an improvement in Billie’s behaviour and engagement in education. Billie also appeared to have an increased idea of healthy boundaries and her relationship with her father improved significantly.

It is always humbling to watch their confidence grow along their journey towards healing.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to realise their full potential and live their best life with the very best help we can provide.

The inspiring children, young people, and families we serve are truly at the heart of Parkerville Children and Youth Care, and they guide and shape everything we do.

We believe that together we can build a community where all children and young people feel safe to dream, to thrive, and to reach their fullest potential.

* Name changed for privacy purposes and stock image used.

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