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Anglican School: Nurturing Spiritual
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Frederick Irwin Anglican School has recently launched a school-wide initiative known as the Holy Huddles. This provides staff members with a weekly opportunity to connect online through Teams, in a spiritual sense, before the start of the day.

Introduced by Business Manager, Trent Costelow, this initiative recognises the importance of time for God, intentional prayer, and meaningful discussions amidst the busyness of school life.

The Holy Huddles hold a significant place within the school community, as highlighted by School Chaplain, Canon James Tabor.

“These sessions not only allow staff members to deepen their spiritual connection but also serve as a model of behaviour that the whole staff, Executive and teachers hope to instil in the students”, he said. “By prioritising reflection and prayer, the school's Leadership demonstrates their commitment to fostering a community where spiritual well-being is valued”.

The Holy Huddles provide a unique space for the entire school community to come together in unity. Importantly, this initiative allows precious moments where staff members can pause, reflect, and seek spiritual nourishment. It is during these gatherings that the strength and support of the School community shine through, providing an opportunity to discuss spirituality.

One of the most significant aspects of the Holy Huddles is the reassurance it offers to Anglicans, and all Christians, within the School community. These sessions create an atmosphere where individuals of faith feel acknowledged, respected, and encouraged. It serves as a powerful reminder that they are not isolated or alone in their beliefs, but rather part of a supportive network that embraces faith.

The presence of the Holy Huddles within the FIAS community has a broader impact. It sends a message to all staff members, irrespective of their religious affiliation, that the school values and respects the spiritual dimension of each individual. By providing a space for open dialogue and spiritual exploration, the Holy Huddles create an inclusive environment where diverse beliefs are acknowledged and celebrated.

Holy Huddles at Frederick Irwin Anglican School have become a vital component of the School community's spiritual well-being. By prioritising reflection and prayer, the School’s whole staff model the behaviour they hope to see in the students.

Image: Canon James Tabor and Trent Costelow
FIAS Canon James Tabor Trent Costelow

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Frederick Irwin Anglican School is a co-educational, Kindergarten to Year 12, day school, serving Mandurah, Rockingham, Pinjarra, Waroona and surrounding districts.

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