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At Perth College, our values are at the heart of our School, supporting our students to be Capable, Courageous and Caring individuals in all aspects of their lives. We encourage our students to fulfil their potential as they pursue their goals, assist them as they embrace challenges, and foster the spirit of living generously by helping them contribute to our community with integrity, respect, and compassion.

This year, we have been able to witness these values in action through the journey of one of our most inspirational students, Isabelle Rigby.

In 2020, Year 11 student Isabelle, was the recipient of a double lung and heart transplant. Today, she is a bronze medallist in the 100m sprint having represented Australia in the 2023 World Transplant Games.

Late in 2022, Isabelle came to our Principal Helen Aguiar with her dream; she wanted to represent Australia in the World Transplant Games, but she needed the help of the Perth College community to get there. As a result, the School proudly supported Isabelle in her goal to compete in the 2023 Games. Isabelle then dedicated the next six months to being trained and mentored by Perth College Head of PE, Renae Campbell and sprint coach, Simon Walsh.

When she first started training, Isabelle had a personal best of 34 seconds. In March, heading into the Games, she was finishing at a time of 16 seconds. For anyone, this would be a remarkable feat, but for Isabelle, who went from being ‘a young girl barely able to do physical activity’, this was an incredible achievement.

The World Transplant Games, which was hosted by Perth this past April, was the culmination of all of Isabelle’s hard work. Isabelle pledged to use this event to raise awareness of how the generosity of donors and their families can bring the miracle of a new life and future for transplant recipients.

With 1500 participants and more than 50 countries competing in 17 sports, this was also a great opportunity for our students and staff to give back to the community. During the opening ceremony weekend, our Senior School staff and students showcased the community spirit of Perth College as they came together to show their support for Isabelle ahead of her big race.

Since competing in the Games, Isabelle has had the opportunity to speak at several events, about her inspiring story. In Isabelle’s words, she has said:

‘I am standing in front of you today because my donor decided to register as an organ donor,’ she said.
‘Without that person, I would not be here. That person, on that day, gave me the ability to breathe That person, on that day, gave me the ability to run, walk and play sports. That person, on that day, gave me back to my family. That person, on that day, gave me back to my friends. And that person, on that day, gave me my life and future back.’

Isabelle’s story embodies the Perth College spirit of community, bravery, and perseverance. We are proud of all that she has achieved and look forward to seeing where the future will take her.

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