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The Environment and Sustainable Development

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The Lambeth Call on the Environment and Sustainable Development

Lambeth Calls relate to common themes in church and world affairs. They were discussed and shared by the bishops at the Lambeth Conference.

The Lambeth Call on the Environment and Sustainable Development provides a theological rationale for why creation care is a global mission imperative. It also outlines some bold commitments in tackling environmental crisis, including just financing, community resilience building, advocacy, biodiversity restoration and promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through a series of webinars, Bible Study materials and resources, churches of the Anglican Communion are invited to take the Lambeth Call forward in their settings.

Register for the upcoming webinars on September 20 and 21 2023.

You'll learn about:

  • Themes from the Lambeth Call and how your church can take them forwards.
  • Bible study resources to help your church develop a theology of creation care.
  • How you can grow The Communion Forest, by continuing or starting an environmental project.
  • Advocacy on environmental issues, and how to influence decision makers before COP28.

Contributors will include:

  • Archbishop Julio Murray: Chair of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network and lead of the Anglican delegation to COP28.
  • Nicholas Pande, The Anglican Alliance.
  • Rev'd Jacynthia Murphy from the Province of Aotearoa.
  • Amal Sarah – Part of the Anglican Youth Network delegation to COP27
  • Paulo Ueti – Anglican Communion and Anglican Alliance

More information and resources:

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