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The Revd Steve Hilton SCP Precentor, St George’s Cathedral

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell, in his short, lyrical book, On Priesthood, has some advice to church leaders from his almost 35 years of ordained life. He writes about a church in East London, part of his former diocese, that had developed three principles about mission that, says Cottrell, embody servant-hearted leadership.

In his own words:

‘(The church) proposed that whenever they had an idea to do something in and for their community, they first thought, ‘Who is already doing this?’, or something like it; let us ask if we could join them. Then, secondly, if they couldn’t think of anyone, they would ask ‘Who might be interested in doing something like this?’ and see if they would like to join forces with us. Only if the answer was ‘no’ to these two questions would they ever undertake an initiative on their own. This is servant leadership, serving the community and looking to build coalitions of goodwill, where there is mutual giving and receiving. It is a way of leading that is shaped by diaconal hearts.’

Holy Grounds is a new community space right in the heart of the City of Perth that has grown from the wisdom captured so eloquently by Cottrell in this passage. At St George’s Cathedral, we have seen first-hand the sin of disconnectedness and isolation. Now, from small and fragile beginnings, a vision has taken shape borne out of partnership – that very real giving, receiving and sharing of skills, resources, and expertise – plus a good dose of risk-taking and joy.

We hope that Holy Grounds will become an operational café and community space where friendships and community can be formed, offering a low-barrier engagement with life on Cathedral Square. Together with Anglicare WA and the Diocese of Perth, we are co-designing a project that genuinely listens to the community and its needs. Our coalitions of goodwill are bearing good fruit that – with prayer and hope – will ripple out alleviating the very serious negative consequences of social isolation.

It has been quite a journey so far with lots of unknowns still to come, not least the need to continue to fundraise. So, if you can spare a few dollars, we really could do with your help to bring this vision alive. Every little bit counts and every person counts!

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If you would like to support the ministry of Holy Grounds, please see donation details here:
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Published in Messenger May 2024

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