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Mission Sunday Resources - Prayers

Prayer from Perth Partnership in Mission Committee

As we grow in grace together with our mission partners in Eldoret and Lomega,
please bless us with wisdom and generosity.
The wisdom to truly value and each other’s contributions,
The wisdom to understand and overcome the barriers our cultural differences can
present and the wisdom to know that you Lord are the strength in our relationship.
Allow us to be generous in our thoughts, conversations and giving.
Help us to clearly see the development of our partnership,
generously giving the time required for it to develop and grow.
Help us to truly know, friendships grow with time,
love and within the spirit of generosity.

Prayer from Eldoret

Almighty God, Gracious and merciful, your love for us is incomparable,
your wisdom is unsearchable, and your ways are a true mystery.
Your loving kindness to humanity led you to send your only Son Jesus Christ
to bring good news of salvation and guarantee us eternal life.
We glorify your name and give thanks to you God for the partnership
between Perth and Eldoret Dioceses.
Through the partnership you are extending the mission work.
We pray, O God, that you pour your blessings to your servants
and the leadership in our two Dioceses
guiding them to continue working towards accomplishing the command of
"Making all nations be the disciples of Jesus Christ".
Stir up the talents in your people in our two Dioceses so that through the partnership
we can minister to humanity and be the light of the world.
Just as you sent out the twelve disciples and later the seventy two,
we too realize that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
Lord we beseech you to renew our zeal to evangelize and lead many to salvation.
May our hearts thirst for new avenues of outreach within our Dioceses and beyond
and may every step we take be revealed, inspired, and guided by the Holy Spirit.
Grant this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer points from ACK Diocese of Eldoret for our Mission Sunday.

The Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese Of Eldoret is progressing well in the Lord.

As a country Kenya, went to a General Election on Tuesday 9th Aug. 2022 and the result was announced on 16 August to regrettably some violence and civil disturbance. We earnestly pray for peace and a peaceful transition to the new President.

We appreciate our partnership and we want you to know and have the assurance that we value our partnership in God's work and Mission.

We are praying for your Mission work and Mission Sunday with its planned activities. Thank you for including us in your schedule and our prayer points are as follows;

  1. Pray for Bishop Christopher Rutto, the Standing Committee of Synod and the clergy as we provide leadership and offer pastoral work to our Churches, parishes and the Diocese for growth.
  2. Pray for our ACK Diocese Of Eldoret Parishes and churches for spiritual and financial strength.
  3. Pray for our Diocesan Sponsored Schools
  4. Pray for our Diocesan projects i.e. the Bishop Muge Tumaini Estate and the ACK plaza for resources to see its completion.
  5. Pray for our Diocesan Synod which will take place in November 2022
  6. Pray for a smooth transition of our country through this period and after the Election for peace and calm.

Once again thank you. Please give our love for God and you all on behalf of the Bishop and the ACK Diocese Of Eldoret

Grace and Peace
Ven. Ben Birech
Diocesan Administrative Secretary

Some resources which may be helpful for a Mission Sunday worship on Sunday 28 August 2022.


Prayers are taken from: The Mothers’ Union Prayer Diary 2022

God of mission, who guides us to bring growth to your church, send your Holy Spirit to give wisdom to our actions, and power to our witness as we serve your people wherever you have placed us in your world.
We ask you, Lord, to open our eyes, minds and hearts to see the path forward. Help us to reach out with new vision to encompass the diversity of needs that we encounter in our complex world.
Father, we place our future in your hands. Guide our vision, as we look to the future, helping to build a world where all your people can live with safety, joy and fulfilment.
Lord God, your Son Jesus Christ appointed the apostles to do your work on earth, and they appointed others in their turn. Help us now Lord, to follow them and, through our mission to others, bring the love of God to all in need.
We remember those women who struggle with inequality and injustice: we pray that their voices may be heard. We give thanks for those who support them and give them hope of a better future through education and community development programmes.
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and remember I am with you always, to the end of the age. Matthew 28:79-20
Jesus sends us out into the world, invites us to trust him, to be ready to engage with and respond to those around us. Lord, send us all out learning, praying, serving - use us all in your great mission of love.
Lord, give us the insight to look into your world, the vision to see where there is need and the courage to go and serve your people. May we always take with us the good news of your love and peace.

From the Parish of Warnbro reflecting the Eldoret Link Parish relationship

Loving God, we thank you for all your blessings to us.
We especially thank you at this time for the partner relationship that we have between Eldoret and Perth Diocese.
We thank you for the richness of the sharing that we have between our two dioceses.
We pray for a deepening and strengthening of that relationship through prayer and understanding.
We thank you for the many things we share in our Anglican identity;
the love of God as our creator;
the love of Christ as our redeemer;
and the love of the Holy Spirit as our sustainer.
We acknowledge the differences of culture and experience between our two dioceses, and yet we are both part of God’s Church for God’s World, walking, listening and witnessing together.
May we continue to deepen our walking, listening and witnessing together as we continue our journey, separated by distance but joined together through the power of the Holy Spirit.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.



179 TIS Praise with joy the world’s creator
459 TIS In Christ there is no east or west
427 TIS Lord, your word abiding
666 TIS We are marching in the light of God
130 TIS We plough the field and scatter the good seed on the ground

Parish of Warnbro partner with Kamagut Parish

We generally have weekly communication via Whatsapp as this seems to be the best way for the Kamagut members to access technology.

Eldoret The blessing of the new Parish Council

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