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The Revd Frida Lemi, Support Priest for Sudanese Women’s Ministry

Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Perth has been greatly enriched by our Sudanese members. It’s always a highlight to have them share in diocesan events; we do love their singing! Members are also very busy supporting and encouraging others in their various congregations around Perth. Recently, Frida Lemi presented the following update on their activities.

It is good to have another year together as community of believers. We give God the glory for keeping us safe and helping us to continue working among his people. It has been a difficult year for some of our Sudanese families, but we thank God for our women; they have been in one spirit working together to help all the families, especially the young ones, after COVID-19 and beyond.

Nuba Women

During this year, the Nuba women have had a wonderful time with pastoral care ministry and home prayer. The Nuba women started a great activity to visit those who needed prayer and encouragement during difficult times. They work together, especially in the homes of those who have lost their relatives in Sudan during the recent war as well as those here. The Nubian women are always good in organizing trips. This year they had a trip to Alkimos Beach and Highgate Park. In their group they organize prayer and fasting in the church.

Dinka Women

Dinka women have also been working in the Church of St Mark, Whitfords, helping their clergy and also visiting the families that have lost their relatives here or back home. They also have an ongoing Bible study every Tuesday.

Malaga MU

Malaga’s women always have their activities in place – Bible studies twice a month (first Saturday and last Saturday of the month), family visits twice a month, (first Sunday and the third Sunday of the month), prayer for MU every three months in Malaga church and prayer and fasting every two months. Emergency prayer for those who have a special need and need support here or back home is always done via the phone on WhatsApp. This year, they celebrated Fathers’ Day. It has become a beautiful tradition they are carrying on in the church.

Image: Perth MU members celebrating the 125th birthday of Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Perth
Perth Mothers Union 125 years Sudanese Women

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