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Connecting with The Numinous at All Saints' College

Each year All Saints’ College embraces and follows a different theme, helping to inspire students in the ways they approach their learning and wellbeing. During the year many projects, initiatives and events revolve around the theme, supporting students to become empowered, empathetic and curious individuals.

In 2021, ‘Connect 4’ was chosen as the theme to encourage students to connect with four elements: themselves, others, their learning and the Numinous.

Most recently, students in Years 5 and 6 conducted an Inquiry Project as part of their Religion and Philosophy classes into the fourth point of connection - the Numinous, a term relating to a spiritual quality or a sense of appealing to the higher emotions. Although it is an unfamiliar and abstract term for many students, the inquiry allowed them to explore the concept and develop their own thoughts and interpretations, as well as how they feel they connect with their interpretation of the concept.

Students initially explored the statement, ‘We are all connected’, which led them to decide that there are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections between us. They then delved into the question: ‘How do people connect with the Numinous, and what might that look like?’ Students discussed their ideas as a class and then responded individually to the question by designing an original symbol to describe how they personally connect with the Numinous. To deepen their understanding, students created a statement to support their symbols, and many students connected with the idea that the Numinous, for them, is a feeling.

One Year 5 student commented, ‘The Numinous for me is the feeling of being awestruck—flying for the first time, looking down from a different perspective from high above the clouds’. Another student connected with the Numinous at a more tangible level by listening to music, saying, ‘Music is more than a tune to me. It sends me away, above the clouds, to my own world’.

Inquiry projects at All Saints’ College follow the 5E Model - Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Enact - which provides a framework for students to think creatively. Inquiry-based learning at All Saints’ triggers students’ curiosity as they investigate a topic, idea or issue with a focus on constructing their own meanings, encouraging them to become active and self-directed learners.

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