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Onesimo Yugusuk appointed
Bishop of Lomega Diocese

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Bishop-elect Onesimo Yugusuk appointed Bishop of Lomega Diocese in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan

Onesimo came to Australia in 2009 having been ordained priest in the Anglican Church in Sudan. He volunteered to serve alongside The Revd Timon Yanga who was the priest of the Sudanese congregation in Yokine. Onesimo was subsequently licensed as Assistant Priest in the Sudanese Anglican Worshipping Community of Dianella and Malaga.

In 2012, he was appointed Youth Officer for Sudanese Ministry and served with John Ward and Jeff Savage conducting youth camps, promoting Bible reading, providing youth leadership training at Malaga, including outdoor and indoor activities, and teaching drama among other activities.

At the end of 2013, Onesimo was appointed to the new position as Area Dean for Sudanese Ministry working and being mentored by John Ward, who at that time was the Archdeacon for Sudanese Ministry. Onesimo acknowledges with gratitude John’s support, leadership and patience in supporting ministry to the Sudanese communities in the Diocese.

Having ministered as Locum Tenens in the Parish of Heathridge from July 2013 Onesimo was appointed Priest-in-Charge of the parish in January 2014. This appointment offered Onesimo a new opportunity to minister in an English-speaking congregation. Both Onesimo and the people of Heathridge recognise how much they have learnt from each other. Onesimo’s sermons are well known for using stories from Africa which, with a sense of humour, have related his journey in Christian life, life in the church in Africa, and with the bible. His preaching has been inspirational to the congregation.

Since 2015 Onesimo has served as Archdeacon for Sudanese Ministry; a position which has pastoral responsibility and offers support to Sudanese congregations within Diocese. Onesimo has expressed this thanks to the Sudanese clergy, members of the Archbishop’s Sudanese Advisory Council and the entire Sudanese community for the opportunity to be among them and minister to them.

Archdeacon Onesimo said, ‘The Anglican Diocese of Perth has done a lot for us, the Sudanese community, as it has trained and ordained Sudanese priests. Some were made Priests-in-Charge of Anglo congregations. I am one of those ministering in the English congregation. The creation of the office of Area Dean and the office of Archdeacon for Sudanese Ministry is indeed a remarkable achievement for Sudanese Ministry - a rare opportunity in many places. To God be the glory!’

In expressing appreciation for Onesimo’s ministry in the Diocese, Archbishop Kay acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead for Onesimo in his new ministry of episcopal service of God’s people in South Sudan; for Frida and their family as they send him into this new ministry; and assured him of the ongoing prayerful support of the Diocesan family.

Onesimo resigns as Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Heathridge on 15 April and as Archdeacon to Sudanese Communities.

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Archdeacon Onesimo Yugusuk leaves the Diocese at the end of July to return to South Sudan. Onesimo has been elected Bishop of the Diocese of Lomega. Despite the lockdown announced earlier in the day his farewell service at Holy Trinity Malaga was a wonderful service and celebration.

Bishops Kate, Jeremy and I were able to take some time with Onesimo in retreat at the beginning of the month, reading the scriptures, listening for the Holy Spirit in our prayers and seeking God’s grace and blessing for Bishop Elect Onesimo, his Diocese and his family.

He goes with our love, friendship and prayer.

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