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120th Anniversary:
Honouring a Century of Caring
for Children in Western Australia

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In the spirit of gratitude and reflection, Parkerville Children and Youth Care commemorated its remarkable 120th anniversary on Wednesday 15 November 2023. This significant milestone was marked by a special event attended by an intimate gathering of staff and esteemed guests.

At the heart of the occasion was a captivating photography exhibition that skillfully showcased Parkerville's journey from its inception in 1903 to the present day. This visual journey not only delved into the organisation's historical milestones but also highlighted the artistic expressions of the children currently under Parkerville's care. Through the lens of ‘What makes me happy,’ these young individuals beautifully intertwined personal expressions with the organisation's storied history.

During the event, Ms Kim Brooklyn, Chief Executive Officer of Parkerville Children and Youth Care, guided guests through the organisation's rich history and provided insights into the diverse range of current day services under its therapeutic, educational, youth, and Our Way Home (out-of-home) care pillars.

While celebrating 120 years of continuous service to the Western Australian community, Parkerville Children and Youth Care openly acknowledged the challenges and moments of adversity in its journey. Reflecting on this, Ms Brooklyn shared, ‘Over the course of these 120 years, we have faced trials, setbacks and hard times, but it is through overcoming these challenges that we have grown, evolved, learnt, and emerged stronger than ever and even more committed to delivering services that meet and exceed the National Child Safe principles that help us prioritise the safety and well-being of all children and young people.’

The anniversary event paid tribute to the commitment and determination of everyone involved in Parkerville's journey, from its founder, Sister Kate Clutterbuck, and former clients to current clients and dedicated staff. Ms Brooklyn acknowledged the hard work, sacrifices, and determination that brought them to this moment, recognising the legacy and learnings of those who paved the way.

‘We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, and their legacy continues to teach us about what it takes to be a child-safe organisation and also inspires us as we look forward to a future filled with even greater achievements and milestones,’ stated Ms. Brooklyn. The celebration also recognised and paid deep respect to all former residents, highlighting their integral role in Parkerville's history.

Guests were personally invited to join guided tours led by Parkerville's child and family advocates and a representative from WA Police, delving into the transformative initiatives of the Multi-Agency Investigation and Support Team (MIST). This collaborative effort involves WA Police Child Abuse Squads, the Department of Communities, and Parkerville, offering specialised support for children, young people, and families impacted by child sexual and physical abuse.

The tours took participants through significant spaces, including the Child Abuse Squad office, family therapy rooms, and the interview room—a crucial space for recording sensitive conversations. Notably, these spaces are meticulously designed to be child-friendly, featuring furniture aimed at ensuring the comfort of children and young people. Observing these spaces firsthand left a profound impact on guests, providing them with a thorough appreciation for the impactful work being conducted by MIST.

Embracing the spirit of giving, Parkerville Children and Youth Care extends an invitation for your support in their 2023 Christmas Appeal. Your contributions will play a crucial role in sustaining the organisation's efforts to positively impact the lives of children and young people under their care or accessing their services, promising a brighter Christmas for all. Donations will be dedicated to purchasing gifts and, if unused, directed toward birthday presents or back-to-school items for these young individuals.

Be a hero this Christmas by donating at Parkerville | Christmas Appeal 2023 and spread joy to children and young people facing adversity in Western Australia.

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