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We believe everyone who has the strength to conquer adversity and the resilience to bounce back from trauma has a superpower. For some young people, the traditional education system has been unable to accommodate to their unique needs, but for those young people, Parkerville Children and Youth Care is here to support them through their journey to learn and build their confidence in both education and life.

Sometimes when children aren’t thriving in the classroom it is because of the pressures they are experiencing elsewhere in their lives. The right intervention at the right time can be just the springboard these young people need to give them a new start.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care’s unique Education, Employment and Training program takes a very different approach.

For the young people who join the program, it’s a circuit breaker for a fresh start in an environment that understands their individual needs to learn and grow so they are confident and equipped to tackle life’s challenges in the future.

Hundreds of young people, from 14 to 16 years, have successfully completed the six-month program finding new confidence and skills to prepare them for a job or to go on to further education, with many going on to gain their trade qualifications at TAFE.

With dedicated Teachers and a Youth Worker who take the time to connect with young person, it’s no surprise the Education, Employment and Training program has endless success stories and positive feedback from students, families, and teachers.

The Education, Employment and Training program is registered with the WA Department of Education and caters for young people, aged 14 to 16, who have left school or are at risk of dropping out too early.

The approach combines evidence-based child psychology and clinical care with good old-fashioned mentoring, support and practical skills to help students thrive.

Elisabeth started on the Education, Employment and Training program after her school provided a referral as she was not attending most days and failing in her studies.

Elisabeth had been a victim of sexual abuse and was grieving her mother’s passing when she began to experience homelessness at a young age. While she was able to find friends to live with, Elisabeth experienced domestic violence in one of the homes she thought was a safe place.

Fortunately, the Education, Employment and Training program provided her with the stability she needed each day. Elisabeth thrived in the small classroom environment and the extra support given by staff helped her talk through the challenges she was facing to build her confidence and grow. With help from staff, Elisabeth was also able to get support payments from Centrelink so she could find a safe place to live. Elisabeth thrived in the program and went on to study Heavy Diesel Mechanics at TAFE.

Over the six-month program the team at Parkerville Children and Youth Care work closely with students to build literacy, numeracy, social and life skills. We also give them the opportunity to experience work and the demands and rewards that help build a fantastic work ethic.

The program is limited to 12 students at a time. Students graduate from the program equipped with a nationally recognised Certificate II of General Education for Adults, six months work experience, and training in work readiness skills such as safety, communication expected by employers.

Students work together in groups of four and spend no more than two hours at a time in the classroom. The rest of the day is spent working on campus or developing practical, work skills in the peaceful bushland setting of the Parkerville Campus.

Many graduates experience a profound turnaround. After six months they are ready to head to TAFE or into the workforce with fresh confidence, new skills and a sense of excitement and optimism for the future.

This important work relies on the ongoing support of local businesses in the form of sponsorship and work experience placements for our young people. Without their support, this program would not be so successful at giving these young people the tools they need to create a successful future.

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