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For more than a century, Parkerville Children and Youth Care have been supporting vulnerable children, young people and their families through our essential service streams and programs to build skills and capacity, address the impacts of trauma and adverse childhood experiences, and develop capabilities that will enable them to be the best versions of themselves.

We have been in awe of their resilience and willingness to keep trying to engage and connect, to conquer their fears and bounce back to claim their identity and purpose, and to create a better future for themselves.

We believe that together we can build a community where all children and young people feel safe to dream, to thrive, and to reach their fullest potential.

A Story of Courage and Resilience: Tegan's Journey

Tegan, 39, is a single mother of five children, Jake, 14, Steve, 13, Elsie, 11, Mathew, 10, and Jai, 8.

Tegan and her children bravely and courageously fled their family home to escape the physical, emotional, verbal and financial abuse they were experiencing.

With no access to the family’s earnings, Tegan and her children were forced to couch surf at extended family and friends before finding temporary crisis accommodation, and eventually transitional housing, that they could live in for up to 12 months.

Whilst living in this accommodation, Tegan and her children were referred to Parkerville CYC’s Support and Community Services program which provides encouragement, support and assistance to children aged 4 to 14 years who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

Parkerville CYC support staff provided a safe and welcoming environment for the family and paid special attention to the children as they began to work through the impact of family and domestic violence and absence in community engagement. The children attended individual mentoring sessions, sibling mentoring sessions, and our Protective Behaviour programme, all vital programs which work towards supporting their healing journey.

Each child was supported as they reengaged in school, and when ready, staff assisted their increase in community participation through afterschool groups and school holiday activities.

We are so proud of Tegan, Jake, Steve, Elsie, Mathew and Jai. The children have all demonstrated a significant change in their emotional, social and behavioural wellbeing, and Tegan whilst addressing her own trauma has been her children’s number one supporter and protector as they all move forward from their past experiences.

Tegan recently started studying and hopes to find employment soon to provide financial stability for the family. The strong collaboration between Tegan and our Support and Community Services staff has delivered positive and meaningful outcomes, and we honestly can’t wait to see what is next for them all.

With your help, we can support even more families this EOFY

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, we invite you to make a donation to our EOFY Tax Appeal. By making a tax-deductible donation before June 30, you will be directly supporting children like Tegan's to receive the support and resources they need to thrive.

No matter the size of your contribution, every dollar counts and brings us closer to creating a community where all children can flourish.

Names and images have been changed to retain the privacy and safety of the people we assist.

Ready to make a difference?

Head to our website at and donate before 30 June.
Together, we can create brighter future for children and young people right here in Western Australia.

EOFY Tax Appeal

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Parkerville Children and Youth Care works alongside vulnerable children, young people and their families with specialist advocacy, therapeutic services, youth homelessness accommodation and supports, education and employment training, early intervention and prevention services, and out of home care.

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