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Unveiling the Mesozoic
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A Special Event for a Very Important Cause

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Step into a world where time turns back, and the age of the dinosaurs comes alive – this was the enchanting experience that unfolded at the annual charity event, the 'Mesozoic Epicurean Emporium’, hosted by Parkerville Children and Youth Care and proudly presented by Hancock Prospecting.

The highly anticipated event took place on Friday 18 August, at the Centenary Pavilion nestled within Claremont Showgrounds. With an enthralling theme that breathed life into the Jurassic Kingdom, guests were transported to an awe-inspiring realm of prehistoric wonder.

This year's event focused on raising essential funds to expand the Child, Youth and Family Advocacy Centre and Multi-Agency Investigation Support Team to the southwest metropolitan area of Perth. This expansion aims to increase our support to young people, extending support from half of reported cases of child sexual abuse in Western Australia to approximately 64%, significantly impacting the lives of those affected.

The charity lunch included a high-quality, all-inclusive three-course lunch, overseen by the prestigious Chef Paul "Yoda" Iskov. Chef Iskov founded Fervor with a mission to honor the food of the world's oldest living cultures, educate diners about native ingredients, and provide a truly unique culinary experience.

The immersive event, made possible by our Event Sponsor Explorasaurus, featured fascinating animatronic dinosaurs scattered throughout the venue. These lifelike creatures breathed life into the captivating theme, eliciting wonder and awe from all who attended.

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The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation made an incredible gesture for the event this year, pledging to match donations totaling up to $100,000, meaning that every dollar donated by the community would have double the impact, greatly amplifying the voices of those seeking assistance from the Child, Youth and Family Advocacy Centres.

For years, Parkerville's Child, Youth and Family Advocacy Centres have been steadfast in providing a haven of safety and vital assistance to children, young individuals, and families grappling with the aftermath of sexual and physical abuse. Central to these efforts is the Multi-Agency Investigation Support Team, a collaboration of experts including members from The West Australian Police Force, Child Protection, psychologists, advocates, family therapists, specialists in family and domestic violence, and allied health professionals from Parkerville Children and Youth Care. This holistic approach eliminates the need for children to navigate multiple daunting spaces, minimizing the risk of retraumatisation and smoothing the path to recovery. These invaluable spaces that celebrate the resilience of children and young people, providing hope for a brighter future.

The event proved to be a tremendous success, as we raised over $300,000 to help support children, young people and families impacted by sexual and physical abuse.

While the event itself has drawn to a close, the team at Parkerville sincerely appeals for your ongoing support. If you share our commitment to advancing the lives of children and young individuals affected by sexual assault, we invite you to consider us as your chosen charitable cause. Your contributions can continue to drive positive change. To contribute, please visit the Parkerville Donation Page.

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Parkerville Children and Youth Care works alongside vulnerable children, young people and their families with specialist advocacy, therapeutic services, youth homelessness accommodation and supports, education and employment training, early intervention and prevention services, and out of home care.

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