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‘Our Way Home’ Model Paves
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In a groundbreaking move, Parkerville Children and Youth Care introduces the award-winning ‘Our Way Home’ model, revolutionising the landscape of out-of-home care for children and young people. Co-designed with families and young people and created in partnership with Innovation Unit, this innovative approach deviates from traditional systems, placing a primary focus on the development, retention, and strengthening of connections for children in care.

Kim Brooklyn, the CEO of Parkerville Children and Youth Care, underscores the crucial importance of lasting connections with positive adults in a child’s developmental journey.

Ms Brooklyn states, ‘Everything we know about children’s development shows that lasting and consistent attachments to positive, caring adults are critical for a child to develop into a healthy and well-rounded adult.’

The ‘Our Way Home’ model addresses the disruptions caused by the current system, aiming to prevent children from losing touch with significant people in their lives and experiencing instability through multiple placements and involvement with various agencies.

Research supports the model’s emphasis on maintaining connections with family, even in imperfect environments, as it correlates with better outcomes for children.

Ms Brooklyn continues ‘Our Way Home focuses on helping children maintain and re-establish connections with family and communities, providing a customised journey for each child based on their specific situation, needs, cultural identity, and dreams.’

Parkerville has secured contracts from The Western Australia Government to implement ‘Our Way Home,’ allowing flexibility to adapt the model to the unique needs of children and families. This includes innovative approaches such as rotating shared care schedules and 24-hour shared care within group foster care placements, in addition to temporary care homes and traditional Foster Care Placements.

The shared care concept is integral to ‘Our Way Home,’ aiming to actively afford children the opportunity to engage with their families, communities, and culture.

The shift from the traditional style of care to the new model involves the introduction of new roles. Family Link Workers now play a pivotal role in overseeing child-centered and connected placements. This model also emphasises elevated responsibilities for Aboriginal Practice Leads and seeks input from reference groups, establishing a more inclusive and community-driven framework.

Image: Parkerville and Innovation Unit (Collab for model design and award winners for the Our Way Home model)
Parkerville Good Design Awards 1
Parkerville Excerpt Seanan Family Link Worker

In a strategic collaboration, Parkerville Children and Youth Care and Wungening Aboriginal Corporation have united, forming a joint senior leadership group to focus on therapeutic frameworks, foster care assessment, cultural healing practices, and family restoration. This partnership marks a significant milestone, highlighting the importance of collaboration with an Aboriginal-controlled organisation. The alliance contributes to enhanced professional development, as staff from both teams bring diverse perspectives to joint training and reflective practice groups. Together, they celebrate the strength and impact of this crucial partnership in advancing their shared goals.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care provides a wide range of services, including the innovative ‘Our Way Home,’ and offers radically personalised care to children and young people impacted by sexual assault, child abuse, homicide, homelessness, and other adverse childhood experiences. Their trauma-informed care, delivered through essential service streams and programs, is designed to mitigate the long-term impacts of significant trauma. This approach provides an opportunity for each child and young person to feel safe to dream, thrive, and reach their fullest potential.

Image: Parkerville and Wungening Aboriginal Corporation
Parkerville x Wungening

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