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Partnership in Mission - Eldoret

by Sue Saunders and Jill Bowman | Members of the PIM Team

The Partners in Mission team has been working closely with our partners in the Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya. This vital work will begin in early 2020 with the funding of three new projects from the missional budget.

The first project involves installing an internet and voice network system to the Diocesan office, the Bishop’s house and the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre. This will have an enormous positive impact on communication and outreach. The cost of this project will be $9,000.

The second project involves installing solar panels in the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre to supply a much-needed constant supply of electricity, enabling the facility to function more hygienically and efficiently. This will expand the use of the facility and its services to more people living with a disability and provide an income stream for the centre. The cost of this project is $23,000.

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Thirdly, a borehole and solar pump will be installed at Kabongo School. Access to a clean water supply will not only benefit the students but also the surrounding villages and farms. The much-needed immediate and ongoing benefit on the health of the students and the impact on the local community will be measurable. The water taken from the existing well has become even more contaminated due to the drought. The cost of this project is $55,000. The Diocese of Eldoret will install the storage tanks.

The ongoing Disability Inclusion project, developed and enabled through our partnership with ABM is going into its third year of offering small seed loans with some amazing and unexpected outcomes. Amos, a young man who participated in the pilot project has continued to grow and develop his business. After receiving simple book keeping and financial management training, he has a regular supplier, which has enabled him to grow from a shoe repairer to a shoe maker. Recently, Amos relocated his business to a location with better access near the Market and life for him and his family has improved significantly. He has become a strong role model for other people living with a disability.

The small disability inclusion project provides eight people with the opportunity to improve their circumstance, and for the first time the women involved are able to afford the necessary medical insurance for their families. Most recipients have exceeded their goals and have started repaying their loan, allowing others to come onto the project. By 2021, six of the eight participants will be included in the decision-making processes within their communities, four will access leadership and community programs, and all eight will be competitive in the market place. In June 2021, 35 Parishes will have a person with a disability on their parish council and 10 parishes within the Diocese will have made changes to their buildings and services.

In the Diocese of Eldoret, the dedication and energy of Reverend Evelyn Jerotich has enabled individuals with a disability and their families to access the services provided by the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre. This leads the way when some people with a disability are still tied up and hidden away. Individual lives are changing, families empowered and communities are growing in understanding.

We are in a missional partnership that is beginning to bear fruit; an empowering relationship enabling learning from and supporting each other. If you would like to give to the ABM as individuals and Parishes to enable the ABM disability inclusion project to continue or to be linked with Eldoret, please let us know.

Please keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Partnership in Mission (PIM) with Eldoret Parish, Kenya is primarily a relational partnership rather than a financial reliance of one on the other.

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