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Exciting new chapter for
Father Philip Raymont,
farewell from
Guildford Grammar School

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Exciting new chapter for Father Philip Raymont, Farewell from Guildford Grammar School

Since his departure was announced, the Guildford Grammar School community has acknowledged, reminisced and celebrated the influence and contributions that Father Philip has brought to our School. Over his 12 years of service, Father Philip has been to many a teacher, mentor, colleague and a friend. For this, we are grateful.

Since his commencement in 2009, our beloved Senior Chaplain, The Revd Canon Dr Philip Raymont has been an icon of Guildford Grammar School. An icon that has always been cherished, and an icon that we will miss dearly.

A revered member of Guildford Grammar School, Philip’s dedication as Senior Chaplain has been sincerely valued, where he has demonstrated an unparalleled enthusiasm and passion to his ministry, our School and to the people who make it a community. The warm and often amusing anecdotes and recollections shared by students, staff, current and past parents and Old Guildfordians since the announcement of his leaving furthermore demonstrate the reverence in which Philip is held.

Interactions with Father Philip illustrate that he has had a remarkably eventful and prosperous career. Philip brought with him a wealth of experiences, anecdotes and stories about many aspects of life. He brought to our School, his rural Australian roots, worldly experiences, love of culture and the arts, a wonderful sense of humour and extensive knowledge of education.

Father Philip has led the spiritual life of our School with passion and enthusiasm. He is expert at understanding the many and differing needs of our School community and has a beautiful ability of being able to engage with students, parents, staff and Old Guildfordians.

Guildford Grammar School, The Old Guildfordians Association, friends, families and students humbly thank Philip for the generosity, service and love that he has devoted to our School. We wish Philip joy and happiness in what is to be an exciting new chapter in his life, as Priest-in-Charge of the Parishes of Beverley and Brookton, Quairading and York. His bounteous gifts and commitment in the service of God and to others will certainly have a meaningful and powerful impact on this new community – and in this way, it is only right that they are shared beyond our School.

And so, we give our thanks to Father Philip, for being a joyful, generous and loving member of our School and of our lives.

Farewell Father Philip and Go Forward.

Philip Raymont

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