Retaining talent
for a sustainable future

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Retaining talent for a sustainable future

Sam Drury, CEO

While attracting employees with talent is imperative to ensure we kick the bold strategic goals we’ve set ourselves at St Bart’s, retaining that talent is even more crucial for long-term sustainability and the future success of the organisation.

The sector within which we operate certainly comes with its challenges at the best of times, and the globally felt struggles of the last few years have been a particular test. And yet, the drive, determination, empathy and commitment to our residents, service consumers, each other and the broader organisation that our staff have shown is second to none. I pay tribute to St Bart’s staff for going the extra mile to support the people in our services, particularly as demand for our services have increased this year.

I’m also proud to share that our Net Promoter Score has significantly improved since 2020, where our staff now actively recommend St Bart’s as a great place to work. That improved score hasn’t happened by chance, however, as we have put a lot of effort into improving our culture so that all employees feel valued for the high-quality work they do.

A significant part of our People and Culture work is around recognising and retaining the talent we have in our staff members that will help us secure our future; not only as an employer of choice, but as an organisation that provides the utmost care and support to people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
However, a common thread amongst many NFPs is the challenge of keeping employees engaged and rewarded to a comparable scale with other corporate entities. While it may be true that we cannot offer equivalent salaries as private or government sectors, the drive to do something that can turn someone’s life around for the better is a unique point of difference at St Bart’s that is an attractive pull for current and prospective employees. Furthermore, the solidarity that comes with working together for a cause continues to reward our staff every day.

I am proud that our commitment to People and Culture has assisted us to record an annual voluntary turnover of staff that sits below the industry average. I am also immensely proud of our unwavering passion for equality, diversity and inclusion; it is the most essential element that allows us to build on the foundations of what we stand for, and it is what will sustain us well beyond our 60th anniversary next year.

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