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St Hilda’s Anglican
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Celebrates 125 Years

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St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls Celebrates 125 years

This year St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls celebrates an important anniversary – 125 years since Miss Ross opened her house to students in Claremont in 1896.

As one of the oldest girls’ schools in Western Australia, St Hilda’s has helped shape the future of over 10,000 students and is an important part of the state’s history.

Originally named Girls High School, it was taken over by the Council for Church of England Schools in 1930 at the urging of Archbishop Le Fanu, who wanted to maintain a school for girls that had a Church of England Allegiance.

Archbishop Le Fanu was instrumental in the decision to buy the land at the present site in Mosman Park and re-establish the school under its own control with new direction and a new name.

On Sunday, 22 March 1931, the Governor of Western Australia, Sir William Campion, officially opened the School and Archbishop Le Fanu, renamed it St Hilda’s Church of England School for Girls. He selected the name St Hilda’s to reflect St Hilda, the Patron Saint of Learning and Culture and the School Motto Domine dirige nos meaning ‘Lord direct us’.

Archbishop Le Fanu was a constant support to St Hilda’s and in 1946, Miss Small, the first Principal of St Hilda’s said, ‘St Hilda’s exists only because of Archbishop Le Fanu’s conviction that girls need the best schools as much as boys’.

Archbishop Le Fanu died on 9 September 1946.

In September 1994, his children presented St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls with their father’s Archbishop’s Cross, Ring and Chalice. They now form part of St Hilda’s Museum.

A number of events will be held in September during St Hilda’s week to celebrate and reflect on 125 years of rich history and St Hilda’s vibrant future as an innovative leader in girls’ education.

As St Hilda’s journey continues to unfold, we go on praying for God’s guidance and strength, confident in God’s love.

St Hildas Anglican School for Girls 125 years

St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls

St Hilda's is an Anglican school for girls (and boys in the Early Learning Centre) from Junior Kindergarten to Year 12 with a Boarding House which caters for 150 students from all parts of the world.

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