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Student Wellbeing:
The Rite Journey

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Student Wellbeing: The Rite Journey

The wellbeing of students is of paramount importance to staff at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School (JSRACS) and as they progress through their schooling journey, individual needs must be acknowledged.

Principal Jason Bartell highlights that adolescence can be a challenging time, with students navigating in a world of complex messages influenced by what they see and hear through the media, social networks and peers about how adults should act, the way relationships are fostered and the world they live in today.

‘As a School, we have implemented a rites of passage program titled The Rite Journey, which culminates in an Adventure Works into Adulthood Camp for all Year 9 students,’ he said.

The Rite Journey Program encourages students to look back at significant events in their childhood that may have shaped their character, gain an understanding of who they are now and the type of person they would like to be as an adult.

The open sharing environment is empowering for students to voice their thoughts and feelings, knowing they are not alone and discussing healthy strategies to cope with their journey.

‘It’s like a group therapy session, good for building confidence and being able to open up, it brings you closer to the teacher too’ one student said.

The program has seen students engaging in meaningful conversations with their parents, peers and the Rite Journey teacher.

‘I’d never had conversations like that with my dad, it was really nice,’ another student said.

In the first topic, ‘Who am I really?’ students gain an understanding of themselves by exploring self-identity and the expectations placed on them by society. Discussions include self-awareness, gender identity and body image.

Students also explore their role in relationships in the second topic ‘How do I get on with others?’ Conversations include emotional literacy, listening, non-violence, anger management and healthy sexuality.

Throughout the third topic, ‘Is there something more?’ students reflect on some of the deeper aspects of life including stillness, mindfulness, values, sadness, happiness, mortality and wisdom.

The final topic ‘What is my purpose and what do I have to give?’ prompts students to consider their future and what they have to offer the world. Topics include leadership, intentions, kindness and gratitude.

‘Our kids need this,’ a parent said.

JSRACS is looking forward to the continuation of the program as the benefits it has brought students in a short timeframe have proven to be invaluable.

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