Floor of Synod 2023

Synod 2023
Appointment of Assistant Bishops

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The following motion was carried with acclamation:

That this Synod:
  1. extend a message of welcome to The Venerable David Bassett and Mrs Susan Bassett and The Reverend Hans Christiansen and Mrs Ruth Christiansen;
  2. assures them of the prayers of this Diocese as they prepare to move to Perth; and
  3. looks forward to their ministry among us as we serve God's purpose and mission together.

In addressing the motion at Synod, Bishop Kate Wilmot said:

It’s my happy task to extend a message of welcome to The Ven David and Mrs Susan Bassett and The Revd Hans and Mrs Ruth Christiansen.

It’s often the custom to keep Assistant Bishops designate in a cool, dark place before their consecration – a sort of pre-episcopal refrigerator where they won’t go off.

So it’s very plucky of all of them to be here.

Many of us have been to a pre-wedding meet-the-parents event either because we’re the betrothed or a one of the potential in-laws ourselves. These events can be demanding but a small number of people means they’re well controlled and everyone is usually on their best behaviour.

It’s the first big family gathering that really packs the pressure on.

The sweet but unusual behaviour of the wider family is on display – showcasing all the things that no-one else’s family does but that we all take for granted as normal.

Many previous appointments of Assistant Bishops of Perth have been made from within the Diocese – perhaps that’s because you can’t be surprised by the family if you’re one of the eccentric cousins yourself.

Inviting Hans and Ruth and David and Susan to this Synod shows the Archbishop’s great confidence in all of them and in all of us.

So David and Susan, Hans and Ruth we want to express how much we are looking forward to you being part of this Diocese.

With its diverse and beautiful natural landscapes, lively people and good wine where the sun sets in its God given place, over the Indian Ocean.

We look forward to joining your gifts to ours, to your finding a home here and to all of us doing the work God calls us to together.

Please be assured of our prayers as you prepare to come to us and we look forward to being part of your consecration in February.

Bishop Kate Wilmot Synod 2023

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