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Student Work Placement and Learning

at Frederick Irwin Anglican School

Although Semester One has been like no other and opportunities for Work Experience and Work Placement were limited, by the end of Term Two we were able to thank a number of local businesses who gave our students opportunities to experience the world of work.

Students have been very receptive, and have commented on their own experiences with the programme:

‘100% go for it! It’s very useful to help you work out your career pathways. It gives you a range of opportunities, knowledge and industry information.’

‘WPL was a good experience as it exposes you to different things. You get trained in things you wouldn’t necessarily do elsewhere. My tip would be to have an open attitude to learning new things.’

‘Work placement gives you a foot in the door which is good. The experience helped me confirm my career pathway. My tip is enjoy what you are doing.’

‘I did Work Experience at Crown and did WPL in a different hospitality venue. They were different experiences but helped me determine what I really want to do. It was great to meet different people involved in the industry. It was long hours – I spent 10 hours chopping carrots! My tip is to get as much work experience as you can.’

The SCSA endorsed programme of Workplace Learning (ADWPL) is offered to all of our General Pathway students. Students are required to complete an application and interview process to determine their work readiness before being accepted into the programme.

The Authority Developed Workplace Learning Program (ADWPL) has been an excellent addition to our General students’ study, as it provides an opportunity for them to demonstrate and develop increasing competence in the core skills for work, often referred to as generic, transferable or employability skills.

Work placements are completed during examination weeks, holidays and at the completion of the Year 11 academic year, if required.

Hopefully, if the COVID-19 situation continues in a positive direction, students will once again be able to access placements in more industries throughout Semester Two.

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