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Working Together with the End in Mind

Romm Niblett | Philanthropy and Social Business, AnglicareWA

Anglicare WA’s vision is for a just and fair Western Australia where everyone can thrive. We recognise that to achieve this we must work together with many partners, across a variety of settings, to capture the strengths of the individuals and communities with whom we work so that they may grow and flourish.

Our values include being a trusted partner as we walk alongside those we serve, those who support our work, or those we support in their endeavours. We are proud to be a collaborative and vibrant partner with many communities and organisations.

At Anglicare WA, our shared roots with Anglican schools and parishes means that we also share an urge to reach out to others in service, see the strength in everyone, promote justice and foster hope. Therefore, when we collaborate with the Anglican community, we find a commonality of mission and mutual objectives.

One project where this commonality has been obvious is Anglicare WA’s Planning for Your Future series. Over the last two years, we have connected with several parishes in offering this program, encouraging individuals to consider and plan for their future in a friendly and informal setting. Topics covered in the program include financial advice, spiritual leadership, legal planning, Will writing and funeral planning. During the program professionals such as lawyers, funeral directors and priests are on hand to hear people’s concerns and questions and to share their knowledge.

Conversations about death, taxes, money, and retirement can be hard to have, though without them loved ones can be left guessing about someone’s last wishes. These sessions seek to address these issues, offering simple, practical advice and tools that provide peace of mind to attendees and reduce the likelihood of future confusion or conflict.

Many parishes have asked us to facilitate these sessions for their parishioners. The feedback from these events has been overwhelmingly positive, providing not only practical advice for attendees, but a greater connection between Anglicare WA and parishes. We believe these positive connections strengthen the wider community through information and education.

We were recently invited to deliver Planning for Your Future with the Parish of Wongan Hills-Dalwallinu; the parish saw a need for this information to be shared within their community.

We talked with them about creating clarity for family in planning, being spiritually prepared for end of life, estate planning, the importance of a Will and other legal documents, funeral planning, and the importance of discussing last wishes with your loved ones. Presenters included The Revd Leon Stickland; Joel Starke, owner of Starke Legal; and Dianne Tinetti from Purslowe Tinetti Funerals. There was also an opportunity for attendees to draft their Wills with the lawyer on the day. With the help of Heather Stickland and Karen Box, the event was a success with attendees coming from as far away as Bindoon to participate.

Feedback from the event was incredibly positive and reflected the genuine need for these conversations. Attendees were surprised by some of the information presented and grateful for the new knowledge. It was an example of the importance of community connection and how education can empower individuals. A huge thank you to the Parish of Wongan Hills-Dalwallinu for your hospitality and friendship.

Community connection, conversations and collaboration are key to the work of both Anglicare WA and Anglican parishes.

If you would like to connect with Anglicare WA to talk more about our Planning for Your Future sessions, please contact Romm on 9263 2076 or email

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