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The Diocesan E-Bulletin is an E-newsletter that is sent out approximately every fortnight. If you are interested in other Diocesan publications, read more here. The next bulletin will be distributed on 1 September 2017. If you would like to submit an event or notice, please email reception@perth.anglican.org before 28 August 2017.

18 August 2017
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4 August 2017
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21 July 2017
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07 July 2017
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23 June 2017
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09 June 2017
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26 May 2017
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12 May 2017
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28 April 2017
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13 April 2017
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31 March 2017
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Correction to Synod session times: Saturday 07 October 2017 is 8:30am, and Sunday 08 October 2017 is 1.00pm, not 7:00pm as stated in the bulletin. 

17 March 2017
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24 February 2017
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10 February 2017
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Correction: Michael Wood's worksop, 'Mission as Listening' is taking place on Monday 27 March 2017 (not a Wednesday as stated in the E-newsletter).

27 January 2017
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13 January 2017
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Correction: The commissioning of Debbie May is at 7.00pm, not 6.00pm.


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