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Recognising Volunteers in Aged Care

Meaningful relationships help us to thrive and have a powerful role to play in healthy ageing. This is why volunteers are so important in aged care.

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Amana Living’s volunteers give their time to contribute to our residents’ happiness and wellbeing. They are an integral part of Amana Living which is why we were delighted to nominate one of our volunteers, Brenda Dean, for a Volunteer Achievement award in the 2019 Anglicare Australia National Awards for Innovation and Excellence.

Around 200 people volunteer for Amana Living, so it was difficult to choose just one person to nominate. However, Brenda stood out due to her hard work and unwavering commitment to residents at Amana Living’s dementia specific care centre and clients at the day centre in Kinross.

Brenda has volunteered with Amana Living since December 2015. Initially she supported clients at the Amana Living’s Club Kinross Day Centre where she volunteered for two days a week and helped with a wide range of activities.

Since November 2017, she’s volunteered three days a week at the Kinross Care Centre. She supports the occupational therapy team in activities to engage residents such as Tune into Life, the organisation’s specialist music program for people living with dementia. Brenda also volunteers her time to support residents in palliative care.

Brenda has made a real difference to the residents and clients she supports in Kinross. Whether it’s sharing music with residents or holding their hands in times of need, her compassion and devotion shines through. Brenda truly understands the importance of connection and she plays a vital role in engaging with residents to live a joyful and meaningful life.

Her passion for our residents is clearly evident when you speak to her. When you ask Brenda about her volunteering experience, she says she has found her calling and that she is the happiest she’s ever been. She tells us she’s found her path in life and has a purpose.

Whether Brenda receives an award in September or not, she’s a winner in our eyes.

If you’d like to volunteer with Amana Living, contact our volunteer services coordinator on (08) 9424 6335 or email

Published in Messenger, September 2019.

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