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The fifteenth
Lambeth Conference

God's Church for God's World

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The fifteenth Lambeth Conference

26 July – 8th August 2022

The fifteenth Lambeth Conference is approaching and this year’s theme of ‘God’s Church for God’s World’ is a great reminder for us, as Christians, that we are called upon to pray for the needs of the world.

About the Conference

A prayer guide has been provided for those of you who wish to join in the Trinity Sunday prayer for the Lambeth Conference, and is also a helpful resource to assist in the days of prayer during the conference.

Prayer Guide

A message from The Archbishop of Canterbury about bishops' discussions at the Lambeth Conference in 2022

In a message filmed recently in Canterbury, The Archbishop of Canterbury has shared his hopes for a new process of ‘Lambeth Calls’ that will be an important feature of this year’s Lambeth Conference.

Watch the video here

A Message from the Archbishop - Lambeth Conference 2022

Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy shares a message ahead of the Lambeth conference that starts on 26 July 2022

Archbishop Message Lambeth Conference

God’s Church for God’s World

This month bishops from around the world meet together for the Lambeth Conference, one of four Instruments of Communion, distinctive to Anglicanism.

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Lambeth Conference 2022: God’s Church for God’s World

The next Lambeth Conference will be hosted in Canterbury from 27 July to 8 August 2022. With the theme of ‘God’s Church for God’s World – walking, listening and witnessing together,’ the conference will explore what it means for the Anglican Communion to be responsive to the needs of a 21st Century world.

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