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The fifteenth
Lambeth Conference

God's Church for God's World

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The fifteenth Lambeth Conference

26 July – 8th August 2022

The fifteenth Lambeth Conference is approaching and this year’s theme of ‘God’s Church for God’s World’ is a great reminder for us, as Christians, that we are called upon to pray for the needs of the world.

About the Conference

A prayer guide has been provided for those of you who wish to join in the Trinity Sunday prayer for the Lambeth Conference, and is also a helpful resource to assist in the days of prayer during the conference.

Prayer Guide

A message from The Archbishop of Canterbury about bishops' discussions at the Lambeth Conference in 2022

In a message filmed recently in Canterbury, The Archbishop of Canterbury has shared his hopes for a new process of ‘Lambeth Calls’ that will be an important feature of this year’s Lambeth Conference.

Watch the video here

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