World Environment Day

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World Environment Day

by Peregrin Campbell-Osgood | Project Officer, Advocacy Commission

World Environment Day (5 June) is one of the most important days for environmental action and focus. As a global initiative it is a platform to remind us that we are all interdependent on each other, and that local and personal actions affect the entire planet.

For Christians, World Environment Day is when we both celebrate the gift of God’s Creation and lament at our degradation of it. We remember not only our interdependence with the wonderful web of life, but that this web is a gift from our creator, whom we, and the world, are utterly dependent upon.

This year’s theme, Time for Nature, focuses on the incredibly rich biodiversity of God’s creation. In Western Australia we are blessed to live within one of the world’s most important Biodiversity Hotspots, from Shark Bay in the north to Israelite Bay in the south.

The EcoCare Commission has developed a Pew Sheet for World Environment Day with prayers and reflections.

Caption for photograph An example of God’s Biodiversity in WA, photograph by Abigail Hawke.

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