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World Refugee Day

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World Refugee Day

by Peregrin Campbell-Osgood | Project Officer, Advocacy Commission

Each year in June we celebrate Refugee Week as a way of honouring the contribution refugees make to our society. It is also a time to remember and reflect upon the often terrifying, dangerous and perilous journeys many refugees make before finding sanctuary in Australia.

Christian and other faith groups celebrate Refugee Day as a day to focus our prayers, hearts and services in companionship with refugees and people seeking asylum. Our Church has a long history of supporting and offering sanctuary to refugees. Our faith teaches us to care for the stranger in our midst and we remember that Jesus and the Holy Family were refugees themselves.

St Teresa of Avila reminds us that in this world Christ has no body, no hands and no feet other than our own. Christ needs us to be agents and advocates for refugees through letter writing, contacting politicians, embracing the stranger and telling the truth to family and friends. This important work is not the responsibility of ‘the Diocese’ or the Archbishop; it is not the responsibility of the Social Responsibilities Commission; it is everyone’s responsibility.

The SRC Pew Sheet for Refugee Sunday includes suggestions for actions and prayers.

Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission

The Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission initiates and facilitates education which informs and supports social justice advocacy in the community and diocese.

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Voluntary Assisted Dying Symposium

Over 120 people attended the Symposium, organised by the Social Responsibilities Commission, to discuss the issues around the bill to legalise Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD).

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