Risk Management

Risk Management


Parish Risk Management Plan

Parish Governance Statute 2016, 58.1(d) states that the Wardens should: "see that an appropriate risk management plan for the parish is in place".

Policy 39 states: “all Church workers and Church volunteers are responsible for managing risks in their areas”.

The Diocesan Risk Framework (Appendix 1 to Policy 39) states that parishes are: “responsible for ensuring that risks (within their scope of operations) are identified, assessed, managed, monitored and reported. 

Understand that parish churches and halls are public buildings and as such are heavily regulated under the Public Health Act 2016, Public Building Regulations and Building Code of Australia.

Translating this into practice, the following is considered an appropriate risk management plan for a parish:

  • Risk Management is to be a standing agenda item at every Parish Council Meeting. The minutes of the meeting should reflect the risks/hazards identified, an assessment of the risk/hazard, how the risk/hazard is to be managed and whether the risk/hazard needs to be reported to the Diocesan Operations Manager.   The Parish Council doubles as the Health and Safety Committee (HSC), required under Work Health and Safety Legislation.
  • Incident / Hazard Reports must be raised for any incident causing injury or hazard identified with the potential to cause injury.   Incident / Hazard Reports must be discussed as part of the Risk Management agenda item above, as these provide feedback as to the effectiveness of your risk management.   A copy of Incident / Hazard Reports raised must be forwarded to the Diocesan Operations Manager.   A template for these reports is available on the Work Health and Safety page
  • Risk self-assessments should be conducted using the Parish Safety Guidelines and Activity Check lists.   A template for these checklists is available on the Work Health and Safety page.
  • The Property Assets Manager is to be engaged to undertake risk fire and electrical compliance inspections and the items raised in the reports are to be actioned as soon as practicable.   Further Advice is available in Policy 6.5.
  • Maximum Occupancy restrictions are to be strictly applied.
  • Non-routine public events involving 500 or more people on other than church property e.g., Christmas carols, require that a risk assessment be conducted as part of the planning process.   A copy of this should be forwarded to the Diocesan Operations Manager.   A template for these risk assessments is available here.


There are different ways to address risks known as the Hierarchy of Controls.


The Diocesan Operations Manager can be contacted for further advice - Mike Brown mbrown@perth.anglican.org or 08 9425 7200.