Work Health and Safety


The following policies can be accessed on the Policy page:

  • Policy 2 - Work Health and Safety
  • Policy 2.1- Incident and Hazard Procedures
  • Policy 2.2 - Hazardous Materials – Asbestos
  • Policy 2.3 - Hazard - Electrical Goods (Secondhand)

Health and Safety Committees

There is a Health and Safety Committee (HSC) covering Church House, Swan Valley and Wollaston College.

In parishes, the Parish Council doubles as the HSC. Work Health and Safety issues should be considered at each council meeting as a standing agenda item. All new or unresolved incident / hazard forms are to be tabled at this meeting. Issues which cannot be resolved at the parish level should be escalated through line management.

Incident / Hazard Report Form

All property related incident / hazard reports should be entered in the online Property Maintenance Database (only approved users have access to this database).

All other non-property related incident / hazard reports should be emailed to using this Incident Report Form.

Parish Safety Guidelines and Activity Checklists

View the Parish Safety Guidelines and Activity Checklists.

See the Property page for further assistance with safety or compliance inspections.


The Diocesan Risk and Compliance Manager can be contacted for further advice. Mike Brown or 08 9425 7200