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Our Foundation and Charitable Trust

What are they?

The Perth Anglican Foundation and The Perth Anglican Charitable Trust, have been set up by the Perth Diocesan Trustees (Trustees) and the Founder to allow for donations to be attracted, grown and distributed to the Church and other worthy causes in the Diocese, Western Australia or Australia more generally.

They are:

  • The Perth Anglican Foundation (ABN 77 469 012 748); and
  • The Perth Anglican Charitable Trust (ABN 39 883 174 100)


The Trustees are currently responsible for hundreds of trusts and bequests, none of which have tax deductible status under the current tax law. This means we need to set up individual charities for each of them. This is expensive and requires a lot of effort that should be going in to actually doing the best for the charitable purposes of the funds.

Why two?

We need two to allow for one (the Foundation) to have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status to allow it to give tax deductions to donors. Where tax deductions are not needed (such as for bequests), the Charitable Trust is a more flexible structure, allowing for wider charitable work to be undertaken as well as direct money donations to the Diocese and parishes.

What does DGR status mean?

DGR status means that the initial donation is fully tax deductible (if it meets the minimum size requirements) but the money can only ever be used by the Trustees for purposes that meet DGR requirements. This means that gifts to the Perth Anglican Foundation can only ever be used by the Foundation for its charitable purposes, not on-donated to other, non-DGR charities such as the Church or parishes.

If your donation is to have DGR status then the Trustees will be more restricted in what can be done and who it can benefit.

How does it work?

These operate as “umbrella funds”, meaning your gift or bequest can either:

  • managed as a single pool for donations made generally and without conditions; or
  • individually recognised within the Foundation or Charitable Trust as a single fund with a defined purpose.

A higher minimum size applies if it is to be individually managed.