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The Partnership in Mission (PiM) Committee, in conjunction with the leadership in Eldoret together discerned three projects. In all the projects we are careful not to advise the priorities for the funds but are involved in the management of the outlay for each project to which they also contribute.

All three projects have and will generate a more sustainable lifestyle and exponentially change the lives of people living in the local communities within the diocese of Eldoret.

The first project to be completed was the provision of internet and an installation of a voice and data network at the diocesan buildings.

The second project has been completed with the provision of clean and reliable water for the Diocesan school, St John’s, in Kabongo and the local community. At the commissioning of the bore in November 2022, Bishop Christopher Rutto said:

“We Eldoret in Kabongo are so grateful about this borehole with over 18m of water in it! Enough for school and irrigation of their school farm n much more.”

This project has borne some wonderful outcomes with the school being able to develop a farm which produces fresh vegetables for the 450 students as well as supplying the local shops and neighbours; and with clean water and fresh vegetables the health of the children has improved. Water is used conservatively with the community using approximately 10,000 litres per day. Members of the community have expressed their happiness and sincere appreciation for the new bore.

Planning of the third project, the provision of reliable renewable power via a solar installation for the community-based rehabilitation centre, is well underway and will commence soon.

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Partnership in Mission

Partnership in Mission

Partnership in Mission (PIM) seeks to establish parish-to parish links. In partnership, we support each other in all aspects of mission and ministry with prayer, ideas, encouragement, and resources.

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Partnership Link Program

The Partnership Link program was established so that parishes here in Perth could have the opportunity to partake in the joy of the world-wide communion with our sisters and brothers in Eldoret.

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