The Perth Diocesan Trustees

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Perth Diocesan Trustees

The Perth Diocesan Trustees is a body corporate incorporated under the Anglican Church of Australia (Diocesan Trustees) Act 1888.

The Trustees are also governed by the Diocesan Trustees’ Statute 1952-1990 which regulates the operation and method of election of the Trustees.

The Trustees is similar to a board of directors of a company with the members of Synod being the “shareholders” of that company. The Trustees are subject to the same legal duties, liabilities and obligations to both the diocese and the beneficiaries of the trusts which they administer as a board of directors of a company owe to the company’s shareholders.

The responsibilities of the Trustees include the duties to:

  • hold as registered proprietor all real estate beneficially owned by the diocese, parishes or any trust of which the Trustees act as trustee
  • administer trusts such as the Cathedral Square Foundation, Bishop Hale’s Trusts and the H1 and H7 Trust on behalf of the respective beneficiaries of those trusts
  • enter into, enforce and comply with all legal agreements and contracts on behalf of the diocese and its parishes, organisations and institutions which are not separately incorporated
  • act as the designated employer of people employed by the diocese and its parishes, organisations and institutions which are not separately incorporated
  • invest on behalf of any trust of which it acts as trustee, any monies or property forming part of that trust
  • purchase, develop and sell any real estate such as parish and church sites or a trust of which it acts as trustee.

The Perth Diocesan Trustees meet monthly, but do not meet in January or in the month Synod is held. The Trustees comprise the Archbishop ex officio, two clerical and two lay Trustees nominated by the Diocesan Council and six lay Trustees elected by Synod. The Trustees elect their own Chairman, select a Treasurer from amongst their number and appoint a Secretary who is also the Diocesan Secretary.

Current members of The Perth Diocesan Trustees are:

  • The Most Reverend Kay Goldsworthy AO
  • The Right Reverend Kate Wilmot
  • The Venerable Canon Kathy Barrett-Lennard OAM
  • Mr Sam Walsh AO (Chair)
  • Mr Julian Burt
  • Mr Peter Dawes
  • Ms Anne Ford
  • Mr David Hargreaves
  • Mr Brett Fullarton
  • Mr Simon Raybould
  • Mr Keith Stephens (Diocesan Secretary)