Diocesan Council

By virtue of the Diocesan Council Statute 1888-2002, Diocesan Council is the Standing Committee of Synod and when Synod is not in session acts for and on behalf of Synod in all matters appertaining to the “temporal affairs” of the Church in the Diocese. In this context, “temporal affairs” includes the fixing of clergy stipends and allowances, arrangements for clergy housing and office accommodation, and generally, all pecuniary arrangements relating to parochial and non-parochial clergy.

Council is also responsible for:

  • setting conditions of employment relating to lay employees engaged in departments funded by council;
  • policy matters relating to parish buildings;
  • strategies for funding parochial outreach and parish development;
  • training of clergy and their deployment;
  • provisions of the Statutes and resolutions of Synod;
  • the arrangements of Synod and the transaction of all business rising out of the decisions of Synod.

Diocesan Council usually meets on the second Thursday of each month but does not meet in January or in the month Synod is held.

Members of Diocesan Council

In alphabetical order, by last name:

  • The Reverend Marie Aitken
  • Mrs Sally Boyle
  • Mrs Carine Collins
  • Dr Liz Criddle
  • Mr Peter Dawes
  • Mr Julian Dowse (until 31 December 2017)
  • Mr Philip Goldsworthy
  • The Most Reverend Roger Herft
  • The Right Reverend Jeremy James
  • The Reverend Deborah Joyce
  • The Venerable Canon Katherine Barrett-Lennard
  • Dr William Leadbetter
  • Mr Ian Leverington
  • The Reverend Deborah May
  • The Very Reverend Richard Pengelley
  • The Venerable Braden Short
  • The Venerable Lionel Snell
  • Dr Caroyln Tan
  • Mr Nicholas Templeman
  • The Reverend John Ward
  • The Right Reverend Kate Wilmot

(Correct as at December 2017)