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Partnership in Mission

Mission Sunday
- Celebrating Partnerships

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On 27 August 2023 we can all celebrate the partnership with our brothers and sisters in Eldoret. A day set aside to pray, praise and participate together.

Over the last few months the parishes who are linked with parishes have communicated by sharing stories, photos and prayer. We shared prayers and support for each other for Easter services, local combined church gatherings and services both in the Dioceses of Perth and the Dioceses in Eldoret; and for baptisms and weddings here in Perth and for Sunday School gatherings in Eldoret.

We have learnt about programs operating in Eldoret called JUST EARTH and CLASS WITHOUT WALLS and prayed for their success in Eldoret. These programs assist family farmers who own small holdings of between a half and two acres but are not producing enough food, even for subsistence due to poor land management and lack of agricultural knowledge. The result can often be poverty, malnourishment, starvation and high mortality rates in one of the most fertile regions of Kenya. The program of teaching and encouragement results in an increase in sustainable economic wealth, social stability, and long-term health of the region.

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The latest project the PIM committee is working alongside our partners is installing 9.5KVA120V solar System including battery storage for the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre. The hope is this will provide a consistent, cost effective supply of electricity for the centre enabling them to carry out their work with people with disabilities.

Our brothers and sisters who praise the Lord every second breath have a huge capacity to pray. It brings comfort to know they are praying for us. Some of the linked parishes are virtually joining in shared services on 27 August and dates in September.

The prayer is that the parishes of this Diocese will join in the celebration on 27 August and use this opportunity to build relationships and understand each other.

Resources can be accessed here, please let the PIM committee know how you have participated this year.

Mission Sunday, 27 August 2023

Mission Sunday - The Partnership in Mission Committee of the Diocese of Perth invites you to celebrate MISSION including our partnership with the Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya

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Partnership in Mission

Partnership in Mission (PIM) seeks to establish parish-to parish links. In partnership, we support each other in all aspects of mission and ministry with prayer, ideas, encouragement, and resources.

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Partnership Link Program

The Partnership Link program was established so that parishes here in Perth could have the opportunity to partake in the joy of the world-wide communion with our sisters and brothers in Eldoret.

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