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Partnership in Mission:
Diocese of Eldoret

The Partnership in Mission team has been working closely with our partners in the Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya. This vital work began in early 2020 with the funding of three new projects from the missional budget.

  1. The first project involves installing an internet and voice network system to the Diocesan office, the Bishop’s house and the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre. This will have an enormous positive impact on communication and outreach. The cost of this project will be $9,000.
  2. The second project involves installing solar panels in the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre to supply a much-needed constant supply of electricity, enabling the facility to function more hygienically and efficiently. This will expand the use of the facility and its services to more people living with a disability and provide an income stream for the centre. The cost of this project is $23,000.
  3. The third project involves installing a borehole and solar pump at Kabongo School. Access to a clean water supply will not only benefit the students but also the surrounding villages and farms. The much-needed immediate and ongoing benefit on the health of the students and the impact on the local community will be measurable. The water taken from the existing well has become even more contaminated due to the drought. The cost of this project is $55,000. The Diocese of Eldoret will install the storage tanks.
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ABM and Diocese of Perth Partnership - Disability Inclusion Project

The ongoing Disability Inclusion project, developed and enabled through our partnership with ABM is offering small seed loans with some amazing and unexpected outcomes. The Disability Inclusion Project has already supported 33 people with disabilities to earn independent livelihoods. Additionally, the participants are provided with training in business management and are given a mentor to support them in their business endeavours.

The project has also trained 14 Anglican parishes – over 2,000 people – to become aware of the rights of people living with disabilities. Once trained, these people then raise the awareness of others. They are also encouraged to act. Examples of their actions include installing ramps at the entrance to churches, and even putting in a ramp to the church sanctuary so that a person in a wheelchair can receive the sacraments in the same manner as other parishioners. Others have pro-actively encouraged people with disabilities in their churches to join more fully into the church activities – such as becoming parish councillors or youth leaders.

We are in a missional partnership that is beginning to bear fruit; an empowering relationship enabling learning from and supporting each other. If you would like to give to the ABM as individuals and Parishes to enable the ABM disability inclusion project to continue or to be linked with Eldoret, please contact Jill Bowman, Parish of Melville.

Your gift to this project will help provide training, mentoring and a livelihoods loan to ten new participants.

Find out more and give online to the Disability Inclusion Project -