Episcopal Standards

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Vocations: Episcopal Standards

The Diocese of Perth has adopted the Canon Concerning Holy Orders 2004 which sets out some fundamental criteria around ordination and should be carefully noted by all prospective candidates. It is not possible for any provision of Canon Law to be altered or waived, nor considered negotiable or flexible in any way.

The Diocese of Perth has adopted as the national Code of Conduct for clergy and church workers Faithfulness in Service: A national code for personal behaviour and the practice of pastoral ministry by clergy and church workers, as Diocesan Council Policy 10.12 Clergy and Church workers - Faithfulness in Service.

This is our code of standards and is seen as an aspirational framework to identify personal behaviour and practices of pastoral ministry that will enable clergy and church workers to serve faithfully among those whom they minister.

As the behaviour and practices it outlines are followed, our communities will be safer places for everyone, where integrity is honoured, accountability is practised and forgiveness encourages healing and does not conceal misconduct.