Phase Two

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Journey to Ordained Ministry - Phase Two

Study and Formation

The Candidate undertakes a Degree in Theology. Degree studies are taken at Murdoch University.

The Candidate attends Formation at Wollaston Theological College. Formation includes a number of activities including supervised field placements, and continuing Spiritual Direction. The Candidate is required to participate in a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), usually between second and third years of Formation. During this process of Formation regular reports are received by the Examining Chaplains from the staff at Wollaston Theological College, supervisors and Candidates.

The Examining Chaplains examine each Candidate every year of their training and make recommendations regarding their on-going suitability to continue formation for the ordained ministry.

The Archbishop’s Examining Chaplains examine Candidates each year during Formation, receiving reports from the Warden, Placement Supervisors and Candidates.

Advice is provided to the Archbishop regarding a Candidate’s ongoing suitability for formation and ordination.

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