Journey to Ordained Ministry

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Vocations: Journey to Ordained Ministry

A person who feels called to serve God in ordained ministry should talk with their parish priest or chaplain. Conversations are had, over the course of several months.

Priest/chaplain may encourage questioner to engage more deeply in the life of their local church… may suggest meeting/shadowing other local clergy… and will let the Vocations Advocate know of these developments at an appropriate point, before sending the Aspirant to meet with the Vocations Advocate.

Phase One - Journey to Ordained Ministry involves initial meetings, articulating their sense of calling, interviews, walking alongside, Enquirers' Programme and an Advisory Conference.

Phase Two - Journey to Ordained Ministry involves study and Formation at Wollaston Theological College.

Phase Three - Journey to Ordained Ministry occurs at the end of the third year of formation where readiness to be ordained Deacon is discerned.

Phase Four - Journey to Ordained Ministry involves Training in Ministry (TiM).