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Safe Ministry and
Professional Standards

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Safe Ministry

The Diocese is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all its members and leaders, and especially its children.

It recognises the vulnerability of children and their right to be safe. The core beliefs of the Church require us to treat all people with love and dignity, and to care for those who are in need of nurture and protection.

All Church workers share in the responsibility to promote and strive to provide a safe environment for all in our parishes in the Diocese. This responsibility is placed upon them by the Gospel teachings of Jesus and the law.

In addition to Safe Ministry, the principles of openness and transparency require the Policies below to be readily available to all persons involved in the life of the Church and that support and training be provided to all such persons to understand and effectively adhere to the requirements of these policies.


Safe Ministry and Professional Standards Framework


Safe Ministry Screening and Training


Faithfulness in Service


Child Safety and Wellbeing


Safe Ministry to Persons of Concern in a Parish


Healthy and Safe Boundaries


Bullying and Harassment


Family and Domestic Violence


Professional Standards


Redress and Pastoral Care