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Safe Ministry Information

The Anglican Diocese of Perth is committed to Safe Ministry, we are committed to:

  1. The implementation of appropriate Policies, Protocols and Codes of Conduct with the aim of protecting and safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.
  2. Rigorous background screening processes for all clergy and lay leaders.
  3. Transparency and accountability when addressing complaints of misconduct against Clergy and lay leaders, with full regard to legal and ethical considerations.
  4. The care, nurture of, and respectful pastoral ministry with, all children and adults.
  5. Ensuring safe, caring communities that provide an environment where there is a culture of ‘informed vigilance’ as to the dangers of misconduct and abuse.

Contact Information
Safe Ministry Services Manager
Ph: (08) 9425 7200
GPO Box W2067, Perth WA 6846

Screening Team
Ph: (08) 9425 7200
GPO Box W2067, Perth WA 6846

Related Canons
Safe Ministry to Children Canon

Related Policies
Policy 40 Safe Ministry and Professional Standards Framework
Policy 40.1 Safe Ministry Screening and Training

Related Forms
Only one form needs to be completed if you have multiple roles in a parish.

For example, if you are a volunteer in the op shop, serve morning tea and are involved in children’s ministry, Form 2 is required as child-related work will always take precedence.

Form 1Ordained Clergy, Formation Students and Authorised Lay Members of the Church
All those completing Form 1 require a National Police Clearance
(not a Volunteer National Police Clearance)
Form 2Adult volunteers including but not limited to the following roles and roles that involve contact with children:
  • Lay Pastoral Ministers (LPMs)
  • Wardens
  • Sunday School teachers, helpers and assistants
  • Creche workers and assistants
  • Mainly Music leaders and facilitators (not those who provide catering)
  • Camp leaders, staff and helpers
  • Youth leaders and staff
  • Holiday program leaders
  • Overnight activity leaders
  • Music leaders and choir members where children are participating
  • Worship leaders
Form 3Volunteer aged between 13 and 18 years who will undertake pastoral ministry
that involves direct, regular and not incidental contact with children.
Form 4Reference Check - For persons who are currently ordained, candidates for ordination
and lay members of the Church.
Form 5Adult volunteers who ARE NOT in roles that involve contact with children.
Those needing to complete Form 5 do not appear in the list above and include roles such as Liturgical Assistant (LA), welcomer, reader, intercessions, morning tea, flower arranger, cleaning, gardening etc.
Form 6All Child Volunteers who ARE NOT involved in pastoral ministry
that involves direct, regular and not incidental contact with children.
Form 7Adult volunteers who ARE NOT members of a parish.
Roles include – Op shop volunteer, café volunteer, soup kitchens and emergency relief.
Form 8Reference Check – all volunteers brand new to a parish or as requested by the Safe Ministry team

While we understand that many volunteers have completed the now obsolete Form 1, we encourage all volunteers to complete the appropriate forms that were implemented in 2019 to maintain a consistent approach to Safe Ministry in keeping with the Safe Ministry to Children Canon (2017).

Volunteers must also submit a (Volunteer) National Police Clearance.

Screening Information for Parishes
Guide for completing a Working with Children Check form
Sample Application for Anglican Diocese of Perth Employees WWCC

Please note: Online training will commence in early September 2022. There are people that became due for training during the transition period where this was under development, we thank you for your patience and would like to assure you that the screenings team will be in contact with you in the weeks following the launch to provide you with the necessary link.