Advent and Christmas

Year C Advent

Prayer of the day

Advent 2
God of our salvation,
you straighten the winding ways of our hearts
and smooth the paths made rough by sin:
keep our hearts watchful in holiness,
and bring to perfection the good you have begun in us.
we ask this through him whose coming is certain,
whose Days draws near,
your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen

ABPA p.468

About Advent

Advent is the beginning of the Church Year for most churches in the Western tradition. It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, and ends on Christmas Eve (24 December).

The word Advent means coming or arrival. The focus of the entire season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ in his First Advent, and the anticipation of the return of Christ the King in his Second Advent. Thus, Advent is far more than simply marking a 2,000 year old event in history. It is celebrating a truth about God, the revelation of God in Christ whereby all of creation might be reconciled to God. That is a process in which we now participate, and the consummation of which we anticipate.

Scripture reading for Advent will reflect this emphasis on the Second Advent, including themes of accountability for faithfulness at His coming, judgement on sin, and the hope of eternal life. In this double focus on past and future, Advent also symbolizes the spiritual journey of individuals and a congregation, as they affirm that Christ has come, that He is present in the world today, and that He will come again in power. That acknowledgement provides a basis for Kingdom ethics, for holy living arising from a profound sense that we live between the times and are called to be faithful stewards of what is entrusted to us as God’s people.

Getting ready for Advent

Advent is the time to get ready to come close to the mystery of Christmas. It begins on Sunday 29 November 2015. The liturgical colour changes to purple, and we observe a range of traditions to help us mark the season.

Are you ready:

  • to put a nativity display in your home? There are lots of different types you could buy or make.
  • to walk through Advent with an Advent Calendar? You could make your own or buy one.
  • make an advent wreath for your home? 
  • to put up your Christmas tree on Advent Sunday? You could try hanging a new decoration on the tree each day until Christmas.

Christmas Resources

 Advent Resources

Listening to Luke

listening-to-lukeListening to Luke - consisting of twelve Bible studies, serves two purposes in regards to a reading of Luke’s Gospel in Year C.  

  1. to offer Bible studies upon the readings set for Eucharist for the four Sundays of Advent and Christmas Day.  
  2. to be a Bible study guide to an eclectic selection of seven other readings from Luke’s Gospel (prescribed Eucharist readings from others Sundays in Year C) so that the resource might also function as a general Introduction to Luke’s Gospel.
  3. you can read more at Listening to Luke 

ABM offers weekly reflections for Advent and Christmas and you can find these at

Head to Anglican Overseas Aid's free Advent resources at

Reimagining Matthew

Proclaiming Mark


Listening to Luke