Journeying in Mission with Eldoret

Partnership in Mission is primarily a relational partnership rather than a financial reliance of one on the other. In partnership we support each other in all aspects of mission and ministry with prayer, ideas, encouragement, and resources.

Synod 2017 recommitted a further three years to the PIM between the two Dioceses allocating 0.7% of the Diocesan Mission budget for the relief of poverty to this partnership.

Being in partnership is an outward sign of us being in communion with each other as we strive to grow in our communion with God. The body of Christ cannot be contained within any one Diocese, and our being in partnership is one way to demonstrate the need we have for each other in our want to
live, and be, the body of Christ.

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If your parish is interested in becoming a partner in mission contact Jill Bowman via the contact form below:

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