Partnership projects

Internet upgrade

The internet upgrade to the Eldoret Diocesan and Bishop’s Offices, and the Community Rehabilitation Centre is progressing with final details of the required layout being negotiated.

Kabongo School water project

The Kabongo School water project has been reviewed and we are now seeking to install a community bore which will supply the school's needs as well as providing water to the wider community.  Engineering details are being investigated and quotes from drilling companies are being sort.

ABM Eldoret project

The Community Based Rehabilitation Centre in the Diocese of Eldoret undertakes extensive work with people living with a disability. Much of this work focuses on raising awareness of inclusive practice, increasing opportunities for both children and adults. The project aims to develop small sustainable businesses, providing income and independence for individuals with a disability.

The proposal has its genesis in the missional partnership between the Anglican Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya and the Diocese of Perth, Australia. This partnership has been developing since its inception in 2011. Your support can offer more people with a disability the opportunity to live meaningful, inclusive lives in Kenya.

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If your parish is interested in becoming a partner in mission contact Jill Bowman via the contact form below:

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