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In the Community: The Arts

For centuries religion and the arts have enjoyed a friendship of mutual discovery and expression, giving a reflective voice to stories, beliefs, narratives, philosophies and teachings through music and song, visual arts, architecture and sculpture.

In the past, many worshippers, clergy, master craftsmen and artists believed art was central to religious experience.

In our contemporary lifestyle, it is easy to overlook this relationship and maybe at times take it for granted or simply be too busy to see it all. The Diocese of Perth is active in opening our contemplative spaces as reflective public spaces to encourage the practice of stillness, the exchange of new ideas and to support the development of artistic skills which enhance the vibrancy, confidence and vitality of our communities in a way that values history and tradition.

The Anglican Diocese of Perth invites you to enjoy the art events we hold as well as the creative and contemplative spaces and programs on offer.


Solvitur ambulando – it is solved by walking (St Augustine of Hippo). Enjoy a reflective walk at the labyrinth at:

The Cathedral and parishes offer spiritual, mediation and mindfulness classes, workshops and practices.

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