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Our Christian chaplains are committed to helping in any way they can, no matter what your beliefs are.

Chaplains are experienced and qualified professionals who are present in workplaces to offer care in the name of Christ to anyone who needs it. For many people who do not attend a church, the chaplain may be the first port of call in a time of personal stress, family difficulty, illness or spiritual questioning.

Employers increasingly realise that pastoral and spiritual care are important for a healthy workforce, and chaplains are providing this care and services in a wide variety of Western Australian workplaces including sea-going vessels, schools, universities, hospitals and aged care, prisons, or living and working alongside women and men in the Defence Forces and the Police Force.

If you would like a chaplain to attend your workplace, please contact us.

Chaplaincy in Action

Navy Chaplaincy

This is the role for which I was born. I love it every day. I am grateful that God has called me to serve the people of the Royal Australian Navy as a Chaplain.

Chaplaincy Navy Kate Lord thumbnail

Talking in Circles with God

Ninety parish clergy and chaplains met at the sprawling Swan Valley Adventure Centre to take time for focused conversation and listening with and to each other.

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Anzac Day on the Burma Railroad 1943

Easter Day 1943 fell on Anzac Day. On that day, Minister Mathieson reminded POWs the days are about remembrance and sacrifice, and hope.

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