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Chaplaincy: Agencies & Missions

Amana Living
The largest Anglican provider of aged care accommodation and services in Western Australia is Amana Living. Amana Living offers chaplaincy and a pastoral presence for residents and those receiving assistance, and for staff and the families of the people in their care.

Our Senior Chaplain, The Reverend Jenifer Goring, works tirelessly to support the spiritual needs of our residents and clients alongside a team of ten full and part-time chaplains, including eight ordained priests and two Honorary Chaplains. The Chaplaincy team is bolstered with the support of two retired priests, five parish priests and six volunteer pastoral carers.

Amana Living is grateful to the Parishes of Bull Creek-Leeming, Lesmurdie, Scarborough, Shenton Park and South Perth for providing worship services to our metropolitan villages and care centres and to the Parish of Kalgoorlie and the Diocese of Bunbury for supporting our regional facilities.

Anglicare WA

The Reverend Mark McCracken

St Bartholomew’s House

The Reverend Ross Jones

Mothers' Union Australia

The mission of Mothers' Union Australia is to share Christ's love and to be encouraging, strengthening and supportive of marriage and family life. They are assisted in this mission by their Chaplain, Bishop Jeremy James.

Mission to Seafarers

Seafarers Chaplain, Canon Dennis Claughton is a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia for his significant service to the Anglican Church of Australia and to the welfare of Seafarers.