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Chaplaincy: Justice

Prisons are often places where society puts the people it does not know what to do with, or how to help.

Out of sight is often out of mind. Prison chaplains are there alongside, listening, loving and providing wisdom and care that may make a difference, in the name of Jesus Christ who was, himself, a prisoner, cast out by the society of his day.

Senior Chaplain
: The Reverend Lyn Harwood

Acacia Prison
The Reverend Mark Arney

Bandyup Prison
The Reverend Lyn Harwood

Boronia Pre-Release Centre for Women
The Reverend Lyn Harwood

Casuarina Prison
The Reverend Graham Wright
The Reverend Bob Milne

Hakea Prison

The Reverend Timon Yanga

Karnet Prison Farm

Ms Susette Monk#

# Lay Chaplain