Tertiary Institutions

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Chaplaincy: Tertiary Institutions

Edith Cowan University, Curtin University, Murdoch University and the University of WA all receive part-time Anglican chaplaincy in an ecumenical and interfaith context.

University Chaplains work gently and generously to commend Christian faith and service in one of the most religiously diverse ministry contexts of our time. With foreign as well as local students, and with staff and students from many different faith backgrounds and none, each chaplain finds a way of offering pastoral presence, intellectual engagement and personal support on campus.

Many faithful Anglicans, both lay and ordained, study and work on university campuses. As in any school or workplace, although they may hold a job or attend a class that is not specifically religious, they add another dimension of Christian witness to the intellectual and cultural world they inhabit. Some add to the visible Christian presence.

At UWA, St George's College is an Anglican foundation which offers chaplaincy to residents. At Murdoch University, theological and biblical scholars are on the teaching and research staff in a program that offers both undergraduate and graduate study. All contribute to the engagement of Christian faith with the best minds and the richest mixture of ideas that Australian academic culture offers.

St George’s College

University of Western Australia
The Reverend Michael Wood